Alltech Pakistan had arranged AQUA IDEA WORKSHOP International 2021 in University of Education Lahore and Multan on February 20-21, 2021. In continuation of its focus of Aquaculture – future of farming & Fish is a future protein… this year the aim was to gather Government officials, private stakeholders of aquaculture industry, academia, and international aqua experts to exchange IDEAS about advancing in aquaculture Pakistan chapter keeping in view the global & local food concerns and identify the sustainable growth factors /indicators for it.

People from diverse background, right from government, stakeholders, feed millers, processors, and hatchery owners, academia to farmers, entrepreneurs and international expert had actively participated in the workshop both in person and joined online. National and International aquaculture experts covered areas from feed and feeding, aqua management, genetics and processing.

The purpose was redefining aquaculture Pakistan and educate the local farmer about the latest technologies and create ONELINK for collaborative working for improved and sustainable aquaculture. Model like 4R’s – Research, Result, Response and Return, ABRS-Aqua Business and Research School , Aqua Value Creation Model were discussed and suggestions like feed act, certification, mycotoxin local studies, Use of local alternative ingredients for feed formulation, Model Farms, and trainings were given by speakers. Panel suggested a separate meeting of feed miller, Aqua Farmer Association, Fisheries Policy, farmers education programs, Internship programs, Govt. support in farmer capacity building and Farm Economic Courses. Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon, director/ CEO concluded the workshop saying: “it’s a journey and it will continue, thinking and working in collaboration is away forward.