Mian J.M. Javaid is Chief Executive of the Jadeed Group Of Companies. He did Diploma in feed milling technology from Switzerland. He also did production and management courses relevant to poultry from different countries. He has 40 years’ experience in Poultry Industry and provides inspiration and guides the team to turn strategies into realities at Jadeed Group.


“I am not self-made, I am ALLAH-made”

~Mian J.M.Javaid~

This month we brought to you the voice of Mian Jan M. Javaid CEO of Jadeed Group of Companies. We are honored to get a chance to talk in detail and thankful for his time. Here, we have attempted to compile his journey towards Jadeed group of companies. Below script is of his responses.

~ We are certain to maintain the continuity and recognize the local trendsetters.~

How did the idea for your business come about?

Our passion for change drove our way to cities and we started with broiler farming in 1977 as a sole proprietor business. We, three brothers begun our journey in 1981 with AOP, Company in the name of SB Poultry. At beginning, we rented a farm as we belong to small town (village) of Pakistan, it was challenging for us to understand the business in city. But we had learnt over time the difference between both. We expanded our business and brought PS- parent stock (700 no.) from ARBreaker. Later, we made hatchery in house 37-C Satellite town Rawalpindi with fanki incubators. We made the 1st Hatchery building in Sihala Islamabad, equipped with Petersime and Chick master in 1982. And afterward made 2nd hatchery equipped with latest incubators at Khanewal area then 3rd hatchery made in Karachi and 4th Hatchery in Sheikhupura with 32 Chick master Machines. We also made many state of the art P.S Farms having capacity approx 1.2 Million. In 1992, we made first feed mill having capacity of 70 ton per hour in Mandra and triangle industrial area Islamabad.

In 2006, our business got segregated into three individual companies Sadiq Feeds Pvt. Ltd, Arslan Poultry and Jadeed Farms Pvt. Ltd, myself (Mian Javaid). Talking about my business, Jadeed installed 1st feed mill in 2010 with the 60 ton per hour production capacity with state of the art machinery, later on extend the capacity to 120 ton with twin tower feed mill in Khanewal and other in Shahkot 2015 and made solvent extraction plant with the 500 TPD capacity (soy crushing) and 200 TPD refinery in 2019. We brought GP Ross 308 in 2013 and have breeding farms with capacity 300,000 birds, now 2.6 million PS-Parent stock. We have four broiler hatcheries and one GP hatchery with the latest technology.

It also produces 22.3 millions DOC per month.  Jadeed Group has achieved following milestones despite all the challenges during the journey 2006-2020. By the grace of ALLAH Almighty, the honorable High Court has allowed Jadeed Farms’ merger (Pvt.) Limited and Jadeed GP Farms (Pvt.) Limited into Jadeed Feeds Industries (Pvt.) Limited with effect from 1st July 2019. Jadeed Oil Extraction (Pvt.) Limited commenced its operation at its full capacity. Jadeed Feeds Industries (Pvt.) Limited installation of plants with a production capacity of 240 ton per hour fully operational. Expansion in hatcheries with latest technology completed and is fully operational 265 machines. We are also sole distributer of Ross 308 in Pakistan. At present, 7000-8000 people are directly employed with us.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

As I mentioned, with rural roots it was not an easy call to switch to city and spend all your earnings on a business that you have little knowledge of, but  it is my believe that if you devote yourself sincerely to what you do and dedicatedly stick to your goal, things start falling in your favor. It is here important that an entrepreneur should be clear in his head about his goal, what he wants to achieve and how will achieve it without compromising the values.

How did you come up with the name for your company?

When it comes to name my company, honestly, I was focused to pick a name that is short and catchy, and mostly importantly describes my idea of innovation and advancements. That is the reason why I named it Jadeed group.

How did you manage funds for your venture?

As said, we started with small investment that later kept on multiplying. Mostly, we rotate the funds gathered from our different businesses of extraction, meal and soap. I have planned and incorporated the machinery and working models that are efficient and cost effective. This might be the very reason that allow steady flow of funds.

How do you build a successful customer base?

Customers are concerned about what is being offered and delivered to them is of quality and holds each labeled aspect in it. This is what we target at, we don’t compromise on quality, even if we have to go for costly ingredients when it comes to feed. We have our quality assurance labs in each feed mill. We have made it a strict regulation to carry out all the quality assurance protocols for the existing product range and for those which are newly imported. With each new import, we have dedicated team that is responsible to learn the new protocol for the quality testing of that particular import. Secondly, it is big fear in poultry business for animal source protein, so we don’t prefer using animal protein source because of the risk of disease transmission, our feed is made solely from plant protein source. Above all, it is the fair dealings that help us to successfully retain our customers.

How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?

We are the pioneer in PS- parent stock, ROSS 308, soy crushing plant and refinery. Currently, we have 50% share in the GP market of Pakistan. I am the sole representative of Avigen in Pakistan. The successful tactics behind it I would say was “staying ahead”. We study the local market and searched for technologies, gathered related knowledge, brought it to local market and made it exemplary. Particularly, we provided the solution that were much needed for local market. I figured it out that anything that has value, different and ensure efficiency and profitability will be acceptable by the local market. We believe in setting trends for the industry.  Think bigger, work harder & smarter.

What kind of culture exists in your organization, and how did you establish it?

It is more like a family that works together grows together. You will be amazed to know that there are two consecutive generations working with us at present. As I place my example over here, I started this business and now my sons are also working here. We at Jadeed group look for and pick a right person for a right job. All the hiring’s are based on merits. We look for people who are honest, competent and eager to learn. We provide our employees with every possible opportunity that ensures their growth. We evaluate them periodically. We care about them and concerned about their job security. It is our thumb rule to not compromise on quality even when it comes to selecting human resource.

What makes your company different?

Well! It is our three core values that make us different from others. First, we are honest about what we do. Second, we practice fair dealings and don’t bluff with people. Third, we care about those who work for us and concern about their job security. We are curious to unfold and introduce the advance efficient technologies to the local industry.


What motivates you?

My motivation lies in achieving the set goals, being able to do new and different things, progressing in my business and witnessing what I am doing is of value for all, watching my team mates professionally and personally developing.

 How do you generate new ideas?

My strategy for any idea is to first study its need, what it will bring, what additional knowledge I may need to acquire and how my idea will able to bring positive change in industry.

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

For me, an entrepreneur has to be honest to himself first and to others. He should be disciplined, loyal and proactive in what he does. He should equally care about those who work for him. He should possess critical and analytical thinking and practice it on himself and team. Success is not overnight, you have to be patient and consistent towards your journey.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

To me, every moment I get closer to what I thought of made me feel satisfied. Either it comes to introducing PS- parent stock, Soy crushing plant and refinery or mutual growth of me, my business and my team. The sense of sailing forward benefitting all is really satisfying.