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Every success story is just an IDEA at first. Talking to tycoons and digging deeper into their success story, it is unveiled that though their start was small but their IDEA was unique that flourished with time.

Idea is most often a risk, but this risk when well calculatedly taken, shapes an entrepreneur.

IDEAS are not age bound, but mostly fueled by some motivation. People have idea but lack motivation to pursue them.

This motivation can be inside or may be influenced by outside – from other success stories.

Being an agriculture country and blessed with a land full of opportunities, we have less engagement of youth. Our young generation unfortunately never presented with the agri-potential we are blessed with and how well they fit in this existing supply chain and can create a new story.

To boast the confidence of young professionals and flourish their agripreneurial skills, we bring the voice of the local agripreneurs, who are leading the industry with their different ideas. This month issue covers the journey of Mian Jan. M.  Javaid towards Jadeed group of companies.

He has a vast experience in poultry industry and dedicated towards bringing change in local industry. We acknowledge him for his contributions towards local industry and grateful that he took some time out to share his idea with us.

February is now much awaited for another IDEA. Yes! It begun last year with AQUA IDEA WORKSHOP, an ideal platform for exchanging ideas about aquaculture Pakistan. This year the event is all set to be held on Feb 20-21, 2021. This next chapter of Aqua IDEA WORKSHOP-INTERNATIONAL will welcome and drill the ideas for redefining aquaculture Pakistan. We are hopeful that this will set a unified direction for the industry towards profitable and sustainable aquaculture.