The Par­lia­­mentary Committee on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) called for strengthening the agriculture sector under the CPEC framework by observing that this diminishing sector has the potential source of employment for the people of the country.

The committee, chaired by Sher Ali Arbab, emphasized that Pakistan needs not to rely on China for technological transfer rather boost its capacity building. The country needs to en­­hance the areas of research to encourage indigenous technological innovations and modernize its agriculture sector, the meeting noted.

The committee observed that the research which is being generated by Pakis­tan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) to enhance agricultural production needs to be collaborated with Ministry of Commerce and other concerned to check economic viability of the agricultural commodities so that Pakistan’s vast agriculture potential could be utilized in enhancing agricultural exports. Moreover, it was noted that China imports meat worth $48 billion from other countries. Since Pakistan has huge potential in the livestock and other food processing items, there is an exigency of meeting international food standards and initiating negotiations with China to remove anomalies and enhance local exports in these areas. The committee observed that these steps would allow Pakistan’s engagement with China to become more prolific and constructive under the CPEC framework.

The committee was also of the view that the vast potential of agriculture sector if exploited prudently and effectively will vehemently alter the socio-economic landscape of our country, bring lasting economic benefits and strengthen the process of industrialization under CPEC framework