A new system that uses AI and IoT technology to automatically measure the size of the fish in aquaculture installations, by using a portable camera paired with a mobile app, has been developed by Umitron. Being able to track fish during their growth cycles is an essential part of farm management. The current way of measuring fish growth involves sampling an adequate number of fish frequently – which is not only a labour-intensive operation for farmers, but can also cause stress to the fish. Umitron Lens utilises small stereo cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically measure fish size in the cages and connects to the internet to store data in the cloud. In this way, according to the Japanese firm, the process of checking fish growth is made much easier for farmers, helping them to reduce their workload, manage their operations more efficiently, and in turn increase their profits. Umitron has been developing this system in Japan since 2018, focusing on improving the user experience on actual farming sites, gathering useful data sets from measurement operations and increasing the accuracy of the size estimations.