Let’s make a difference

Goodbye to an unprecedented year. Let’s welcome the year ahead with all passion to “Make A difference” together and create a new story to tell the world. Indeed 2020, had turned out to be a year of struggle for survival. Several challenges had adversely affected the world. Rethinking the Locust attack, COVID 19 leading to food insecurity, job loss and divided world all had caused great damage.

Enormous changes had taken place and still evolving in the agribusiness and the lifestyles. People are adapting to this “New Normal”. This pandemic has taught us a lot and set a new direction for work around the globe. Over this period, World has well understood the importance of FOOD for survival. Just imagine how it would be possible to feed the planet of plenty after this economic damage caused by COVID-19.

With one year of COVID-19, many transformations have made at food levels- 4F, Field, Feed, Farm, Food- to maintain efficient supply and meet the demand. This crisis has brought opportunity with it and those who have adapted to change and transformed their operations with the situation have survived, those who didn’t, ended up. The major challenge of movement restriction and social distancing let people learn and adapt to latest technologies and perform their tasks being confined to their homes.

Meetups become more convenient in just one click. Modern applications like zoom, google meet etc. have allowed quick virtual communication. In this regard, an initiative of 3T’s – time, talent and technology – by Alltech has been promising in assessing the real time needs of the industry, bringing the global and local talent on Onelink and providing the local solutions for the agrifood sector in Pakistan. These were webinar series specifically designed to address the challenges of Poultry, Dairy, beef and Aquaculture. It has also included sessions on mental health and wellbeing, and professional development.

During COVID-19, consumer awareness about the nutritious and healthy food has remained another area of interest. Different campaigns were carried out to disseminate knowledge about COVID prevention and healthy and nutritious food. One good example is Nutrition, Health and Happy life which were small cards having basic information regarding nutritional benefit of foodstuff, healthy lifestyle for happy life, were shared on daily basis by Alltech Pakistan. People were provided with the basic knowledge of how to strengthen their immunity with available foodstuff.

When it comes to selling and buying, E-commerce is emerging swiftly in agribusiness of Pakistan. Now it’s not the accessories, fast food or transport that people book online but it’s also the daily AgriFood –Egg, Meat, Milk, Fish, vegetables and fruits. This has allowed farmers with direct access to consumer and opened new doors of opportunity. But these opportunities can only be tapped when we will work together for a shared goal.

One good thing happened after years of agrifood neglect, Government has finally understood the importance of agrifood and allocated funds for lifting this sector and support the local farmers. It will indeed bring major reforms when applied in right direction. Again, there is a need for collaborative thinking and working.

Time is demanding change. It’s time for us to bring this change in our education systems, business cultures, workplaces to better combat this pandemic and prepare ourselves further. It’s an ongoing learning process and will continue. We are hopeful and determined to make a difference in the coming years and wish that the coming year will be a year of relief from this pandemic and shall bring success for all the sectors.