Steady demand for chicken meat, the availability of feed from an ample grain crop and growing imports of soybean meal will all support production growth in Russia in 2021.

In 2020, exports increased 22% driven by entry into the Chinese market. Meanwhile, domestic consumption is forecast flat while difficult economic conditions continues.

The 2020 production forecast is revised to 4.715 mmt, which is 1% growth year-on-year from 2019. Quarantine measures and travel restrictions due to Covid-19 supported stable demand for chicken meat in retail, especially for the less-expensive whole chickens. In addition, demand from China, a newly opened export market, created room in the saturated market and stimulated additional output.

The share of chicken in total poultry meat production is approximately 94% (turkey accounts for 5.8%, and other poultry (ducks, geese, quail) accounts for 0.2%). A total of 220,000 mt of chicken meat exports are forecast in 2021, an increase from 215,000 mt expected in 2020.

Russia exported 111,439 mt of chicken meat in January-June 2020, which is 58.8% higher than the same months of 2019. In the first half of 2020, China quickly became the major destination for chicken exports from Russia and accounted for 62% of the country’s exports. During this time, 76,753 mt of chicken meat was shipped to China, including 42,119 mt of frozen chicken claws, 25,564 mt of frozen mid-joint chicken wings, 4,637 mt of frozen chicken legs/drumsticks and 3,217 mt of frozen chicken thighs.