99 AG -Professional Gathering held on 13th November 2020 at Conference Hall UVAS

Prof. Dr. Naseem Ahmad S.I (Vice Chancellor University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore), Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha S.I (Vice chancellor of University of Education Lahore), Prof. Dr. Masood Rabbani (Pro Vice Chancellor UVAS) along with Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud Chairman Dept. of Poultry Production, Prof. Dr Saima Chairperson Dept. of Animal Nutrition & other respected Faculty.

Members of UVAS and Colleagues of 99 AG participated in the gathering Foreign Classmates of 99 AG joined the moments via online Zoom link. The best moments of the evening were meeting and greetings each other when every single person enters the hall and it brings back everyone back to 17 years, delightful laughter’s, funny jokes, exciting incidents brought continuous smiles on the face of everyone.

Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon opened the session & welcome all teachers & classmates to gathering.

Session formally started with recitation of Holy Quran and Naat Mubarak.

Vice Chancellor UVAS Prof. Dr. Naseem Ahmad S.I. shared his views and welcomed the Idea of get together of Alumni and shared his experiences with 99 AG following him Prof. Dr. Masood Rabbani , Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud , Prof. Dr. Saima added their kind words and prayers for 99 AG .

99 AG agreed to make a system of funding to support the colleagues in the hour of need and Teachers appreciated this step. Pakistani song by Mr Asher and Dr. Rehan made environment very charming and pictorial collage video when played took everyone back to benches.

99 AG paid tribute to their beloved and respected teachers bowing their heads In front of them and this is the best day for a teacher seeing their students reaching their heights of successful professional life but still having heartful respect for them.

In the closing Prof Dr Talat Pasha (S.I) appreciated the step and encouraged the 99 AG to continue this legacy and ultimately this is only way to bring everyone close to each other.

Gathering closed by serving dinner and everyone thanked for each single 99AG fellow to reach and participated on the day.