Poultry industry has faced unprecedented challenges within processing plants this year with COVID-19. Shutdowns in Canada, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Spain and more show that this is endemic to the process of producing safe and affordable food.

Food factories have certain characteristics that make them vulnerable to infections including workplaces that are highly refrigerated, washed floors and equipment which increase the humidity in the air, a lot of workers, working together at close quarters, workers tend to take advantage of canteens, communal busing and even low-cost housing offered by the company or otherwise.

07 Suggestions to make poultry pandemic proof

  • Minimize human engagement in the process
  • Add more mechanization to processing –robots
  • Opt Quality – Machine Vision and artificial intelligence to grade and process chicken
  • Deliveries shift to more automated trucks.
  • Print parts on site become enormous as the FedEx, UPS supply chain fractured. 3D printers in the processing lines will be indispensable.
  • Safety sensors to apply to all supply chain.
  • Training- Augmented Reality and Virtual reality in food industry

Covid-19 hasn’t created new technological advances so much as accelerated their adoption. The need to embrace them in our processing plants is different, because to not do so is to invite the real possibility of a threat to our business existence.