Importance of Egg and eggshell quality in Layer

On this World Egg day 2020, Alltech Pakistan had launched the eggducating 60 seconds series.  A series of short videos highlighting the importance of egg in health and as a business.

ATEAM had briefly provided the insight into the egg industry and related supply chain to educate the consumer about how an egg produced and reach table. The objective was to break the myths related with egg production and maximize awareness among consumer as well as provide learning for young grads and professional.

In continuation, an international webinar was also arranged, with special emphasizing on egg importance and the key challenge of egg shell strength. A renowned global poultry expert Aziz Scarine gave a brief talk on egg health benefits and highlighted the events of egg formation, shell related defects and the possible corrective measures one can take to improve the eggshell quality and reduce the related losses.

The webinar was opened by Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon. He shared with audience how the culture of celebrating egg day had first introduced by Alltech and being the pioneer he feels immensely happy to watch people engage in egg related activities to create awareness and improve per capita consumption. He appreciated all the efforts made in this regard.

The speaker presentation had two parts. First, he highlighted why egg is considered the super food and latter part covered the events in egg formation and how egg shell quality can be improved.

He added that egg is super food because of:

– it’s nutritional contribution

– Versatility

– Low cost

He continued stating that it is the yolk that holds most of the nutrients whereas albumin contains only Selenium, riboflavin and high quality protein. Yolk is enriched with:

~ Vitamin D – good for bone and teeth

~ Choline – Good for brain and memory

~ Leutin and Zeaxanthin – antioxidants, Improves vision.

It was also shown in his presentation how requirements (egg) vary at different levels from consumer, producer, hatchery to processor.

He said that low ability to absorb trace

mineral will cause low production of

enzymes that metabolize calcium.

The important things to consider in

Eggshell formation and quality are:

– Structure of egg

– Structure of reproductive tract

– Synthesis of organic and inorganic fraction of the shell

– Defects in morphology that influence shell quality.

Trace mineral deficiency cause eggshell problems like Manganese deficiency leads to shell less eggs and lack of Zinc has also found to cause shell defects. He added that trace minerals have a great role to play in correcting eggshell defects. It’s the right source of trace mineral which is to focus to maximize absorption of nutrients as well as providing antioxidant status to enhance immunity and integrity of both gut and oviduct.

Almost 2%-12% total egg produced present eggshell problems and 90% total losses expected in commercial layer (normal average flock).

He emphasized on minimizing the stress and keeping the environment stable. Adding to it, he said one should have detail about the farm to know the issue.

Factors that influence the eggshell quality were:

~ genetics and laying cycle

~ Environmental and Management factors

~ Stress and Disease

~ Mineral nutrition and interaction.

Special attention needs to be given at imbalances of Trace minerals and consider their source.

Some of his responses to asked question are summarized below:

How long it takes to produce better shell?

It is not an instant solution. It could take days, week may be two weeks. It actually depends on how the bird able to metabolize and recover from shell defects. It is appropriate to say 10 days and if it in serious, it could take longer.

Does egg weight important for eggshell quality?

Yes! It is important but it is actually the size of the egg related to the weight of the egg and it is the age that is most important component for eggshell.

Vitamin D3 role regarding egg breakage later 53weeks age and more importance of minerals plus role of vitamin minerals in early pipping?

It is important for transportation of calcium and its balances are very important. Its hatchery’s role in early pipping, one should check temperature and humidity.

Role of Eggshell 49?

In layer 2, eggshell 49 supplementation proven to improve the eggshell quality and minimize the related losses.

How yolk color be enhanced?

Bioplex enhance yolk color. It contain Selenium which act as first defense against oxidation in gut and oviduct. It help in absorbing pigment better.

Does organic mineral have any role in uniformity size of laying eggs?

Uniformity of the eggs related to the uniformity of the birds in the rearing period

Less egg of a clutch has a less egg weight and strong shell why?

Clutch size is related to genetics and if the clutch is small in size, means less eggs and more calcium.

Does any anti-mullerian hormone increases as the bird grows?

Any hormone increase will affect the luteinizing hormone that release follicles and less follicle means less eggs and has an impact on size of the egg. Antioxidant status balances the hormones.

Can we feed more protein?

It is not protein, its amino acid profile to target at. Increasing protein will not help but adjusting amino acid will definitely help.

Can we manage weak shell by reducing egg weight?

As long as your trace minerals are properly absorbed.

Egg often laid in morning why?

Because calcium metabolizes in night at dark period.

Calcium deposition on eggshell is constant or variant in the clutch?

Nature is not constant. So it varies.