Making a difference for a better AgriWorld

While battling with this pandemic and being in lockdown, concerns about healthy food and agriculture have evolved greatly. It has well enlightened how important food is for a nation or in this case whole world for survival. Agriculture is the major contributor to food for world gigantic population. Around the globe, it is a major source of not only food but also livelihood for many and still has true potential unexplored.

In 2020, a world of 7.8 billion people struggling for food, among many are on verge of natural resources; imagine when this number will reach 9 billion by 2050. Give a thought, what the world would it be if not having plenty of food for its people. It is time to think globally and act locally and work in collaborations towards a shared goal. Understanding the gaps at each food level: 4F’s, Field, Feed, Farm, and Food, it’ll be wise to amend our strategy to produce ample quality food with efficient use of natural resources as well as prioritize consumer education, awareness and HR development.

Today’s global consumer is well informed and all they want to know about their food is just one click away thanks to electronic media.

With more urbanization, transforming lifestyle particularly amid COVID-19, where people have to maintain social distancing and work from homes, e-media is the only medium on which they would rely the most for information. So, let’s tap this opportunity and spread the maximum valuable information not only for sake of consumer education but also to explore and promote local talent.

This is what AgroVoice is all about, it brings to you news and views from around the globe. AgroVoice represents the voice of everyone and everyone is free to present, deliver and solve issues related to agribusiness sector through news, articles, interviews, ads, tips, stories and trading techniques. The solely purpose of it is to provide valuable information to professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, and analysts without any prejudice. Information which is of great value taking a clearer and more intellectually sound perspective than other sources.

AgroVoice is an open forum for discussion and provides farmers, professionals, entrepreneur with freedom of expression. In Pakistan, we are the only web source that provides information on all four food levels i.e. Field, Feed, Farm, and Food, and give a broad picture of what’s happening in agriworld globally and locally. We at AgroVoice believe that sharing is caring, this is what makes us different.