While talking on an international platform #Better Pakistan, Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon, CEO/Director Alltech Pakistan Private Ltd. shared golden tips for people who are directly or indirectly related to agribusiness and also provided a roadmap to those who want to opt it as business in near future. The interview holds multi-question gathered via live stream. His summarized responses are documented here.

How to start Agribusiness, step by step?

  • Create a chart of food habit/culture and trends related with agriculture, identify gaps and challenges and look for opportunities in this business canvas.
  • Overseas Pakistani returning can invest in retail, sub divisions and direct outlets.
  • Small businesses need to be consolidated under one umbrella for sustainable Agrifuture.
  • SME’s should possess devotion, hard work and consistence.
  • Multiple small scale businesses like eggs, donars etc. also have good potential and less qualified youth or overseas returning can be engage or invest in such businesses.

How returning overseas can be mentally prepared for the agribusiness related risks?

  • By reaching to professionals working already in agri industry, engage and try to get things in black and white.
  • Reach out to universities as these are real business incubation centers. Request them and share your investment capital.
  • Review the things.

Is there any nexus available in Pakistan to support agri startups?

  • Agribusiness support and education has evolved over the time.
  • Universities, government institutes, dept. have aligned different boards, service mediums, HEC funded projects to support the agribusiness and there is huge information available locally.
  • All needed is scaling up and development of absorbing habit.
  • Must knock at the right door to get right information.

Agribusiness Challenges?

  • Lack of Skillful HR.
  • Uncertainty: Market share should be divided evenly and Govt. Facility should be even for both bigger and smaller operation.
  • Gap between business community and professional community.
  • Absence of Agribusiness coaching and development.
  • Market awareness and market creation.
  • Lack of trust, motivation, appreciation and opportunity.

How to retain good HR?

  • Give them a belief that whatever we are going to do, holds growth for all.
  • Work on Agribusiness Coaching and development.
  • Build the linkages, give exposure and trainings, confidence and facilitate them.

What if someone start agribusiness now, where it will be after one year two years?

  • It require patience and one must keep in mind that all the investment today won’t get double in a month.
  • It can only pace up with time if someone evaluate its business line properly and work in right direction. Eventually this will create job opportunities too.

How to ensure sustainability in agribusiness Pakistan?

  • Through the integration of 4F’s.
  • Working at different food levels i.e., Field, Feed, Farm Food.

“We, the youth, local population of Pakistan is the future of Agribusiness. I believe by coaching and nurturing the young talent, providing them the opportunity and investing your trust in them will result in wonders. We are blessed with four seasons, land, have geographical advantage, and highest youth percentage. Time to collaborate, and work on integration of 4F’s (Field, Feed, Farm, food) and on our strengths for a better change.”

– Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon.