Dairy industry flourishing in Russia

The Russian dairy industry is enjoying steady growth of over 7% year on year, with the government keen to support its domestic production of raw milk from its current position of 31million tons annually to 34 million tons by 2024.

This support and the long-term presence of global dairy brands in the Russian market means that this is a positive time for development and innovation. Modernizing dairy products and packaging is picking up speed in Russia as its industry enjoys significant growth.

As the biggest country in the world, Russia spans over 17 million km and 11 time zones, making it about 2.5 times larger than the rest of Europe put together. Russia currently has just eight million dairy cows which, when compared with 22.6million in Europe, with Russia importing around 25% of its raw milk. Since 2010, Danone is active in Russia and first partnered with Unimilk, one of Russia’s key milk producers, the companies merged their fresh dairy operations and have subsequently seen rapid growth, leading to Russia’s position as one of the Danone 5 key Global markets.