Catfish or Tilapia, Ghana’s Farmer vie for supremacy

Ghana’s tilapia and catfish farmers are both optimistic about the growth of their respective sectors, leading to much good-natured talk about which will prevail in the long-term “war”.

Tilapia farmer in Ghana are bouncing back after the hit of ISKN virus and COVID-19.  A fish wholesaler said that outlook for tilapia is very bright. It is no longer an urban delicacy. A surge in local fish buying will down the imports. Farmers are switching to tilapia culture as they found a substantial increase in sales. Catfish culture has also risen substantially and could outstrip tilapia in near future.

Greater investments are being made in catfish culture with perspective of both local market and export expansion. Catfish farmers upgrading to processed products also doubling their capacity. The demand has shot up for 400-500g and for 1 kg and beyond has ballooned. Catfish is the new tilapia in Ghana. I believe tilapia production and consumption will continue to increase, but the prospects for catfish are better, especially when you think about the export market. That is a huge market which Ghana is gearing up to enter. Ghana fish farming coming out of the difficult times. Perhaps it will not have to wait longer to see whether it is tilapia or catfish that will win the current ‘war’?”