Beef Club Launched

After the success of Dairy, Poultry and Aqua Club, Alltech Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. in continuation to the mission of value creation, has launched BEEF CLUB. A dedicated medium to club all key players of Pakistan Beef Industry; stakeholders, Farmers, professionals, entrepreneurs, service provider, as well as researcher and academia. The purpose of this platform is to identify the gaps and key challenges of beef industry. With support from both local and global experts to build local solutions.


A webinar was conducted by Alltech Pvt. Ltd. exclusively for the beef industry to educate the beef farmers about nutritionally balanced and quality beef diet. An expert Florent Aubry from France – working as ruminant on-farm technical support for Europe – gave a very comprehensive talk on beef feed formulation. Some of the highlights are documented here.


  • Age at slaughter is important as it will impact the meat quality and tenderness.
  • Early slaughter animal will have better average daily weight gain than the older animal.
  • Higher the number of feeding days at farm, more will be the cost to achieve 1kg of carcass (ADG) and margins will decrease.
  • Corn is more preferable energy source than barley and wheat as it is less fermentable, less risk of acidiosis, bovine respiratory disease and mycotoxins.
  • Acidiosis can be caused by diet, ineffective selection of ingredients and mixing.
  • peNDF is a way to check the ability of feed to promote chewing and rumination, obtained by 1.18mm sieve and can only perform at farms.
  • Low quality forages with small particle size and low physical effect (peNDF) will result in low retention, high fermentation, low pH (acidiosis) and there will be low fiber digestion whereas high quality forages will be responsible for good fiber digestion.
  • If there is acidiosis, there will be less growth, less fat cover, lameness, animal appear nervous and compete, higher risk of entorotoxemia (reason can be quick change in diet) and urolithiasis, and worsening of meat quality.

TIPS for beef farmers

  • MAXIMIZE growth to maximize meat quality
  • FOCUS on improving meat quality as it will ensure higher consumer satisfaction.
  • USE TECHNOLOGY like Optigen etc. to improve animal performance.
  • LOOK AT THE DATA, note and wait when animal arrive, when doing fattening and before and after slaughter houses, record the risk of acidiosis and do prevention.
  • ACCURATE MIXING, make sure what goes in mixer wagon is exactly the same on paper.
  • DON’T OVER-PROCESS as it can create problem too.
  • Target to produce FUNCTIONAL RUMEN.
  • Less protein less starch will ensure more efficiency in diet.
  • Use ADAPTION DIET for young animals