1 million animal vaccinated in Cholistan desert

Director Livestock Cholistan, Ali Raza Abbasi shared that the livestock department has carried out vaccination of at least 1.067 million goats, buffaloes and cows during July to September in the Cholistan desert.

“A large number of cattle including 2,367 buffaloes, 154,768 cows, 649,159 sheep, 219,738 goats, 1,442 camels, and eight donkeys were vaccinated in Cholistan during the period,” He added, “Cholistan Livestock Department also injected vaccine to over 40,000 hens in the area,” The doctor further highlighted that four dispensaries, 12 mobile dispensaries, 12 veterinary doctors, 26 veterinary assistants and 75 vaccinators of the department participated in the vaccination drive.